Melinda Lane Fisher

This Is How You Know You're Alive

"Fisher’s poetically crafted yet painfully honest prose guides readers along a heart-breaking and inspirational journey, as she vividly recounts the sorrows and struggles she experiences following the loss of her child. As Fisher’s story unfolds, you feel as if you are on a deeply personal journey alongside her. This profoundly powerful narrative offers readers encouragement as they discover their own healing paths."


"I needed your book to walk me through this passage. Because your book was as gripping and raw as I felt, I hung on every word like a life raft in a storm. Anyone who has experienced loss can relate to that unchartered landscape our soul travels through when losing someone precious. Feeling tossed and tumbled by the undertow of loss, your book was both a lifeline and an anchor. I sense you gave it to me because I had the opportunity to really use it as a compass in the swirling ocean I was swimming in. [...] Love love love your book. Thank you for allowing me to read it. It was an honor and a gift."

"This is not a sugar-coated story of loss and eternal redemption. At once heart-breakingly painful and powerfully inspiring, Fisher reflects on her journey with raw honesty and a mesmerizing voice. She describes in poignant detail how her profound tragedy and grief has transformed her—sometimes in miniscule steps and sometimes in leaps. Eventually, she emerges more whole and more alive than where she started. The telling of this story casts light, hope and even beauty on the horrifically life-changing experience of losing a child."