Melinda Lane Fisher

This Is How You Know You're Alive


After graduating from college with a degree in Community Health, Melinda had no idea what she wanted to do professionally, but she knew how she wanted to feel. Saddled with college loans, she figured gainful employment was a good place to start, and soon found herself working in the first of a series of desk jobs that she would come to loathe.

Over the next ten years, Melinda leapfrogged jobs and cities. She  became a yoga teacher and dabbled in jewelry design. But The Feeling—which she imagined was a combination of creativity, purpose, freedom, and service to others—remained elusive.

Ironically, it was tragedy that finally led Melinda to discover the thing that just feels right. Two years after the stillbirth of her first son, an energy healer verified unknowable information about him, confirming for Melinda what she had long believed about the nature of our perceived reality (i.e., there’s way more than we know) and setting her on a life-changing course which would lead to her purpose, fulfillment and ultimate joy.

In 2013, Melinda completed a two-year course of study in Energy Medicine, opening her own practice after graduating. Her specialty is helping clients remember the experience of their authentic joy and teaching them to align with it. Modalities she utilizes include Reiki, intuitive reading, EFT (Tapping), Energy Medicine, crystals, divination cards, essential oils, and compassionate presence. ​In her spare time she continues to nurture her interests in spirituality, animals, cooking, and yoga. She recently finished a memoir titled This is How You Know You’re Alive and lives in Seattle with her husband and son. Learn more at